About us

Established in the 1980s by a small group of families, the Moreland Toy Library has been growing steadily ever since and now offers its services from two locations. Brunswick West is open Friday and Saturday mornings and Pascoe Vale is open Monday and Saturday mornings. The Toy Library currently has over 380 member families.

Our funding comes from membership fees and a grants from organisations such as Moreland City Council. We are coordinated by a committee of volunteers.


What is a toy library?

A toy library is a place where parents or carers may regularly borrow toys, puzzles and games, for recreational and educational purposes. Toy libraries aim to support families and encourage them to spend time playing with their children. 

Quality toys are expensive and children quickly become bored with a toy once its play value has been exhausted. By providing new play materials every week or two, parents can save money and significantly contribute towards the development and education of their children. 

There are many other toy libraries in operation. For information about toy libraries in Victoria, visit the Toy Libraries Victoria web site.

What are the benefits?

  • Open every Monday, Friday and Saturday.

  • Having access to hundreds of toys.

  • Borrowing toys that are matched to your child’s individual need, stage of development and interests.

  • Borrowing toys that are designed to facilitate particular skill development in children e.g. threading beads to assist fine motor skills.

  • Having a resource to assist and guide you in appropriate toy selection.

  • Avoiding storage issues of multiple or bulky toys.

  • Helping the environment by borrowing rather than purchasing.

  • Meeting other young families.

  • Having an opportunity to try toys before you buy, therefore ensuring successful toy purchases.

  • Being a part of your community.

Our mission

  • Provide affordable access to a range of toys for families with children in the City of Moreland.

  • Provide good quality and stimulating toys to families.

  • Give families access to toys and activities to assist the children in developing skills, awareness and positive play experiences.

  • Support play between parents / grandparents and their children / grandchildren.

  • Ensure children have the opportunity to play with age appropriate toys to meet their developmental milestones.

  • Encourage members of the community to develop social networks through becoming involved in the Moreland Toy Library.

The Moreland Toy Shed officially opened in 1991


When Moreland Toy Shed opened in March 1991 it was based at Shirley Robertson Childrens' Centre. In mid-1996, the Toy Shed moved to its current location of the Scout Hall on Jolley St, West Brunswick. 

On 5th August 2006, the Toy Shed made the significant shift to using a computer database to manage toy loans and membership details.

In 2014 the name was officially changed to the Moreland Toy Library along with a number of initiatives including a Friday opening, new signage, logos and a revamped website. 

If you have any history to share, please email us!

Toy Library Committee

The Moreland Toy Library is run by a volunteer committee of members. The group meets every two months throughout the year to keep the toy library running smoothly and make plans for the future.

The committee is always on the lookout for new members with fresh ideas, enthusiasm and a passion for supporting the local community. Roles available include buying new toys for the collection, organising events, marketing, fundraising, HR, liaising with Council and other stakeholders, finances, website and IT.

As well as making a valuable contribution to the Moreland Toy Library community, involvement in the committee gives you an opportunity to connect with other young families, looks great on your CV and entitles you to free membership. If you’re interested in joining the committee, let us know next time you’re at the toy library or send us an email: toyshed@gmail.com