Member Stuff

Toy library members can access a range of exclusive functions including viewing roster times, items out on loan, and the current toy catalogue.

Information for members

The Moreland Toy Library Inc. is an incorporated association registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria. 

 Click here to view a copy of the 'Rules of the Moreland Toy Library'.

The responsibilities of a member

To keep things running, each family has to contribute 5 hours per year. When you sign up, you can pick a time on the roster that suits you. Don't let this put you off, your job will be something easy like...

  • Checking returned toys or operating the computer at a borrowing session (2.5 hours)

  • Fixing and cleaning toys at a working bee (2.5 hours)

  • Helping out at stocktake (2.5 to 5 hours)

Borrowing Toys

  1. Select the toys you wish to borrow.

  2. Check for any missing pieces that are not recorded on the bag label or any damage or other issues.

  3. Take the toys to Loans Desk where they will be recorded on our database (MiBase).


  • You may borrow up to 3 toys or up to 6 toys (depending on membership type).

  • The loan period is for 2 weeks (though toys may be returned after 1 week if you want to exchange them more frequently).

  • You are responsible for checking toys before taking them home to make sure that all pieces are in the bag and that the toy is safe and clean. If there are any problems, please report them to the duty officers before taking the toy home. This will avoid you being fined for any missing pieces that were already missing before you borrowed the toy.

Returning Toys

  1. Take toys being returned to the Toy Check Station at the entry to the Scout Hall.

  2. The Toy Assessors will check toys are clean, complete, undamaged and safe.

  3. The Computer Operator will return your toys on the database.

  4. If the toy is overdue, you will be asked to pay an overdue fine.

  5. If there are any missing pieces, you will be asked to pay a missing piece fine

  6. Replace toys in their correct place (ie. on the mobile racks or shelves in storeroom).


Large toys, such as tricycles or slides, may only be left on floor of main hall if there is no room on the storeroom shelves. 

The library space

Because we operate from a hired space, the library is set up for two 2-hour borrowing sessions each week. Outside of our scheduled sessions, everything is packed away. Our Duty Officers aim to set things up in the same way each week, but you might find that things are not always in exactly the same place each time you visit. 

Toys that are available for borrowing are located:

  • on the mobile racks in the back room;

  • in Storeroom A - mainly ride-on toys and other gross-motor toys (large 1000s), some imaginative play toys (large 5000s);

  • in Storeroom B - mainly smaller 1000s;

  • in the queue waiting to be returned by other families (popular toys are often borrowed as soon as they are returned, so don't be shy to ask another parent if you can borrow the toy they are returning once it has been checked back in!)

When choosing toys to borrow you are welcome to browse toys in all these locations.

Session rules

  • Please supervise your children at all times.

  • Do not allow children to remove pieces from toys in bags, this helps to ensure that pieces are not lost and means that the Duty Officers are not left with extra toys to pack up at the end of the session.

  • Take care not to accidentally damage the 'sports floor' in the main hall - please ensure that any hard, sharp or heavy objects are not taken into the main hall, eg. high-heeled shoes.

Missing Pieces

If you return a toy and there is a piece or pieces missing (according to the list on the bag), this is considered to be a missing piece. 

A missing piece fine is charged and this fine will be refunded when you return the missing piece. 

Some pieces are listed on the bag as 'essential', which means the toy cannot function properly without that piece. 

Found pieces

If you find a piece from a toy, please do return it - we love having pieces back, no matter how small they might seem! 

  • Take your 'found' piece to the Session Administrator so they can record it on the "Found Pieces and Repaired Toys" list

  • To claim a refund of any missing piece fine you have paid, please present the receipt to the Session Administrator.

  • If possible, the piece should be placed straight into the toy's bag. However if the toy is out on loan, the piece needs to go into the "Missing Pieces tub".

  • Tracking missing and found pieces

All Missing and Found pieces are entered into the MiBase database by the Committee to help us keep track of them. So it is important that they are recorded by the Session Administrator, not just returned to a toy's bag.


In most circumstances, all member details are kept private and confidential. The Moreland Toy Library holds a register of members’ names, addresses and date of joining the Toy Library, as required under our Rules of Association. Members are entitled to access this register on request, but must not use or disclose the information it contains unless it directly relates to the management or purpose of the Toy Library, Members can request that the Secretary restrict access to their personal information in some circumstances.